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Service Pack. The service you need.

We offer personalised and permanent advice through a service match, also known as a service pack. The aim of this formula is that the client is guaranteed preventive advice that provides peace of mind, taking care of day-to-day issues and avoiding future problems.


In the case of a company, this service package can include the review of contracts, sending of summons, advice to administrative bodies, advice on obtaining public or private funds and, in general, legal supervision of any management… In short, a catalogue of legal services on demand.


We provide a tailor-made estimate of the client’s needs so that, with a monthly fee, the basic services in the commercial, civil, mercantile and maritime areas are available.


The equalisation of services guarantees a rapid response 365 days a year at a more economical price than if they were contracted on a one-off basis.


Pack Service for private individuals


The Pack Service is not only offered to companies, being a very good choice for individuals who are property owners and want access to a catalogue of services with permanent advice.


How does it work? We study the particular case and prepare a quote tailored to your needs so that you have the legal services you need on a permanent basis and at a very reasonable price.

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